1. 18+ ONLY! - You must be over 18 years of age to participate.
  2. Be considerate! - Please be considerate of other CoC members and moderators.
  3. Ask before going private! - Always ask someone before starting a private message.
  4. Selfies only! - Don't share pictures of other people or random stuff from the internet.
  5. Be Safe! - Don't share anything in the chat that you're not comfortable with becoming public.
  6. Be Smart! - Don't give out any personal identifying information in the main chat.

If you see anyone abusing the chat or breaking the rules, notify GrandPriest immediately.

CoC Chat uses the Discord group chat service. If you want to claim your username and edit your profile pic, you'll need to create a free Discord account. You can always join in on the chat anonymously by visiting this page and clicking Connect below.

Open invites are currently closed. Please reach out to an existing member for a one-time invite.

If you have claimed your username, you can also access the chat via the Discord mobile or desktop apps (Android, iOS, Windows, & Mac).


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